Incident or Injury Procedure

Report an Incident

All accidents within the university including work-related injuries must be reported. A special phone extension has been established for this purpose (dial 4-4911) and is staffed 24 hours a day at University Crossing. An outside line (978-934-4911) is also available 24 hours a day.


  • On Campus - dial 4-4911
  • Off Campus - call 978-934-4911


  • On Campus - dial 4-2398
  • Off Campus - call 978-934-2398

In case of a medical emergency, call 4-4911 on a campus phone and give your name, location, the number of persons involved and the nature of the emergency. Give your telephone number and do not hang up until all necessary questions have been answered. The dispatcher answering the phone will call for medical assistance and an ambulance, if necessary. Someone should stay with the victim and apply first aid if necessary until assistance arrives. The university has first responders (24 hour, seven days a week) and are available through University Police by calling 978-934-4911.

Please follow these steps:

  1. Lab instructor/supervisor to call 978-934-4911
  2. Student to remain at scene (unless scene is unsafe) and wait for:
    • Environmental and Emergency Management (EEM)
    • UMass Lowell Police or
    • UMass Lowell EMS
  3. Student will be evaluated at scene Emergency Medical Services and decision made regarding treatment
  4. Lab instructor / supervisor to complete EEM Incident Report Form

There are 42 emergency call boxes located in the lobbies of all buildings on all campuses. These telephones and boxes reach the University Police directly. For the most effective response, do not call outside agencies directly (i.e. fire department, ambulance, etc.) The University Police Department will coordinate the necessary response by dialing 978-934-4911 or extension 4-4911 from a campus phone.

In case of fire, pull the nearest alarm and call 978-934-4911. Be prepared to give the location and extent of the fire. Do not hang up until all questions are answered. Follow the Fire Safety Evacuation Plan.

All work-related injuries must be reported immediately to the Director of Human Resources at 978-934-3560.