Showcasing Undergraduate Business Ethics Projects

Infographic for 17 UN sustainability goals
The business ethics curriculum at UMASS Lowell incorporates ethics, corporate social responsibility, and the 17 UN Sustainability Goals. Students learn the philosophy behind, history of, and intentions for business ethics toward helping them further develop themselves as empowered leaders, ready to take on the challenges of our ever-changing business landscape. Students learn the basics of Appreciative Inquiry to spread the word about all the positive things businesses do to improve life in their localities and throughout the world.
Bonhoeffer’s Café
By: Christina Elkhoury, Alison Coye, and Alison Wright 
Bonhoeffer’s Café (pdf)
Jimenez Supermarket
By: Christen Marte, Jose Martis, and Joel Castillo 
Jimenez Supermarket (pdf)
Sneaker Junkies
By Asaad Gadatia, Aamir Shaikh and Max Hughes
Sneaker Junkies (pdf)