Hunter Mack

Hunter (John) Mack

Associate Professor

Francis College of Engineering
Mechanical and Industrial Engineering


Combustion, Renewable Energy, Biofuels, Internal Combustion Engines

Research Interests

Combustion, Renewable Energy, Biofuels, Internal Combustion Engines.

Evaluation of novel fuels for use in existing and next-generation engines through experiments and simulations, energy storage, clean combustion, engine efficiency, numerical modeling, chemical kinetics.


Hunter Mack, Ph.D. joined the Department of Mechanical Engineering at the University of Massachusetts Lowell as an Assistant Professor in the Fall of 2014.  His research focuses on the development of tools to rapidly evaluate novel fuels for use in existing and next-generation engines, both in transportation and stationary applications.  Additionally, he is interested in renewable energy applications with respect to energy storage.  Before joining the faculty at UMass Lowell, Mack was a Lecturer and Project Scientist at UC Berkeley, where he also received his doctoral degree.  After his completion of his Ph.D., he held a post-doctoral research position at UC Berkeley and worked at a successful solar energy start-up before returning to academia.

Selected Publications

  • Phan, T.M., Mack, J.H., Butt, R.H., Dibble, R.W. (). A comparison of three ion sensing circuits in a Homogeneous Charge Compression Ignition engine. Combustion Science & Technology.
  • Kessler, T., Sacia, E.R., Bell, A.T., Mack, J.H. (). Artificial Neural Network Based Predictions of Cetane Number for Furanic Biofuels. Fuel.
  • Shahsavan, M., Mack, J.H. (). Numerical Study of a Boosted HCCI Engine Fueled with Butanol Isomers. Energy Conversion & Management.
  • Shahsavan, M., Mack, J.H. (2017). The Effect of Heavy Working Fluids on Hydrogen Combustion. 10th US National Combustion Meeting
  • Chen, Y., Dong, G., Mack, J.H., Butt, R.H., Chen, J., Dibble, R.W. (2016). Cyclic variations and prior-cycle effects of ion current sensing in an HCCI engine: A time-series analysis. Applied Energy, 168 628 - 635.
  • Hammond, Z.M., Mack, J.H., Dibble, R.W. (2016). Effect of hydrogen peroxide addition to methane fueled homogeneous charge compression ignition engines through numerical simulations. International Journal of Engine Research, 17(2) 209–220.
  • Mack, J.H., Schuler, D., Butt, R.H., Dibble, R.W. (2016). Experimental investigation of butanol isomer combustion in Homogeneous Charge Compression Ignition (HCCI) engines. Applied Energy, 165 612–626.
  • Kessler, T., Sacia, E.R., Bell, A.T., Mack, J.H. (2016). Predicting the Cetane Number of Furanic Biofuel Candidates Using an Improved Artificial Neural Network Based on Molecular Structure (pp. V001T02A010–V001T02A010).
  • Wang, Z., Chen, X., Huang, S., Chen, Y., Mack, J.H., Tang, J., Li, L., Huang, R. (2016). Visualization study for the effects of oxygen concentration on combustion characteristics of water-emulsified diesel. Fuel, 177 226 - 234.