Minds with Purpose , DifferenceMakers

2 male students from the Minds With Purpose team holding an award pose with Brian Rist and Holly Lalos of Difference Makers against a blue UMass Lowell backdrop.

Minds with Purpose will help bring together all entrepreneurs and creatives alike.

2022 Significant Social Impact

Jeurys Santiago, a junior business major and Sammy Santana, a sophomore in liberal arts know all too well the hardships of starting out as young entrepreneurs. With a lack of community cohesion in the surrounding communities, entrepreneurs and creatives are separated. Amidst the pandemic, with many businesses closing, there is even more pressure on those that wish to pursue their own ventures.

That is why Santiago and Santana set out to launch their brand, Minds with Purpose. Through their initiative they wish to dedicate themselves to being an agency that promotes small businesses, creatives, and entrepreneurs in the surrounding areas. Along with their agency activities, Minds with Purpose also serves as a one-stop-shop for media production, talent management, and marketing. They focus on problems such as lack of incoming revenue, debt, limited opportunities and resources, and stress to alleviate the pressures of those they service. As winners of the Significant Social Impact Award at the 2022 $50k Idea Challenge, a $4,000 prize will aid the future development of their platform. Jeurys and Sammy plan to invest in a headquarter space as well as a printing press to further their merchandising, which they both sport almost every day in the form of shirts, hats and much more.