Vital Sensing Patch , DifferenceMakers

3 male students from the Vital Sensing Patch team speaking and presenting in front of a blue UMass Lowell backdrop and balloons.

Vital Sensing Patch will monitor people’s vitals from anywhere.

2022 Honorable Mention

Vital Sensing Patch consists of junior biomedical engineering majors Thang Do and Haris Kum as well as Wynn Wiggins, alumni in business entrepreneurship. They discovered a problem in the healthcare sector. All too often people in situations with financial insecurity do not have the ability to make frequent trips to the hospital to get their vitals checked. This is especially important for those with terminal or life-threatening illnesses, something team Vital Sensing Patch has personal experience with. Even with the introduction of telehealth as a new norm, there is not a way to consistently check the vitals of a patient while they are at home. The products currently on the market are not affordable for most people, especially those in low-income sectors.

This problem was the basis of their inspiration for the Vital Sensing Patch, a remote, all in one vitals monitoring device, that will be affordable to consumers and usable from anywhere. Patients specifically in telehealth, acute care, and chronic care will be able to monitor their vitals and report them to their healthcare provider with ease and efficiency. With the $2,000 in funding from the 2022 DifferenceMaker $50K Idea Challenge, the team plans to focus on getting established as an LLC as well as further their research and development towards a prototype to eventually be taken to investors.