PEAK Performance, DifferenceMakers

3 male students and 1 female from the PEAK Performance team holding an award pose with Brian Rist and Holly Lalos of Difference Makers against a blue UMass Lowell backdrop.

PEAK Performance will revolutionize the multi-billion dollar sports industry.

2022 Contribution to a Healthier Lifestyle

PEAK Performance, a team consisting of Evelyn Duffy, first-year dual major in biomedical engineering and business, Mark Elman and Steven Evangelos, sophomores in biomedical engineering, and Matthew Martel, a junior in exercise science found a problem in the sports industry. Although a multi-billion-dollar industry, there is no standard device used in the sports performance space that can help with proprioception. This phenomenon, which is linked to athletic performance and longevity, is known by athletes, trainers, and coaches alike but is lacking in the industry as a readily available device for users.

That is why the team set out to create the PEAK Performance prototype, which assesses and corrects rotational misalignments between the pelvis and thoracic spine. The information derived from the device will aid athletic trainers in giving their athletes the necessary guidance for a long and prosperous career. At the 2022 DifferenceMaker $50k Idea Challenge, PEAK Performance was the recipient of the Contribution to a Healthier Lifestyle Award, a $4,000 prize. With this funding they plan to further their prototype testing and create additional units that they can take to trade shows for the PGA tour and other sporting events so they can further their concept and talk with potential investors and customers. Additionally, PEAK Performance won 1st Place and $2,500 at the 2021 DifferenceMaker Francis College of Engineering Prototyping Competition which allowed them to advance directly into the 2022 DifferenceMaker Preliminary Pitch-off.