Making a Decision on a Proposal

Screenshot of Curriculog interface showing a proposal awaiting a decision
If you have a decision-making role in an approval process, you will need to login to Curriculog to provide your decision on proposals when it is your turn.

How Will I Know When a Decision Is Needed?

1. Email: Curriculog will send you an e-mail when a proposal has reached the stage when your decision is needed. Please be sure to keep any eye out for emails from Curriculog and to respond quickly when a proposal comes to you. This is the equivalent of receiving a PDF form for your signature.
See our help guide on “Setting Your Email Notification Preferences.” Be sure that if you select digest format, you are receiving notifications often enough that you are not missing reminders and holding up a proposal.
2. The "My Tasks" tab in Curriculog: Your “My Tasks” list will highlight proposals needing your attention with an orange bar on the left-hand side.
Screenshot of Curriculog interface showing a proposal in a dated list of Recent Notifications.
Additionally, a reminder will appear under “My Recent Notifications."
Screenshot of Curriculog interface showing the proposal and Decisions windows.

How Do I Record My Decision?

Click on the title of the proposal in your “My Tasks” list to open it and the “User Tracking” window as well as the Proposal Toolbar. See our help guide on “Tracking Submissions in Process” for additional details on navigating this view and using the proposal tools.
On the left hand side, you will find the contents of the proposal form.
The proposal tools in the icon bar on the right-hand side will allow you to:
  • Review Discussion, including edits and comments to date from any user
  • View the details of the Workflow Status to date, including all prior decisions by other users
  • View Attachments that have been appended to the proposal (Syllabi, etc.)
  • Render your Decision on the proposal
Use the "X" above the icon bar to hide the right side of the screen and enlarge the proposal.
Once you have read the proposal and discussion, use the "Decisions" tool
Screenshot of Curriculog interface showing just the Decisions window and icon bar.
Within the decision window, you can choose what you would like to do with this proposal. Most users will only either Approve or Reject. (Not all users will have the same options.) Click the radio button next to your choice. A comment may be helpful on an approval, but if you reject a proposal, Curriculog will require an explanatory comment. When you are done, click the “Make My Decision” button.
Screenshot of Curriculog interface showing a confirmation notice and a note in the “User Tracking” window.
You will get a pop-up confirmation that your decision has been registered, and that the proposal has taken the appropriate next step in the workflow. Curriculog will update the current status of the proposal in all locations.
Screenshot of Curriculog interface showing a selected proposal and the “Approve Selected” button.
If you have already reviewed a proposal in your “My Tasks” list and know you wish to approve it, click on the box at the left of the title to select it, and then click “Approve Selected.” This will bring you to a confirmation screen to finalize your decision. Please do not use this method if you have not reviewed the most recent version of the proposal and any comments.

Additional Curriculog Tutorials are located on the Curriculog Help webpage.
For assistance, email