Keynote Speaker

Dr. Kirk E. Jordan is an IBM Distinguished Engineer, an IBM Executive position in IBM Research Division's Data Centric Soluitions in IBM T.J. Watson Research Center and is the Chief Science Officer for IBM Research United Kingdom (UK). In the UK, he established the IBM Research presence at Science and Technologies Facilities Council's (STFC) Darebury Laboratory in collaboration with the STFC Hartree Centre focusing on data centric cognitive computing.  He has vast experience in high performance and parallel computing.

About Kirk Jordan

Kirk E. Jordan, an IBM Distinguished Engineer in Data Centric Solutions at IBM T.J. Watson Research Center, an IBM Technical Executive position in IBM’s Research Division, and Chief Science Officer for IBM Research UK is responsible for high performance and AI/cognitive computing at scale direction and strategy. He oversees development of applications for IBM’s advanced computing architectures, investigates and develops concepts for new areas of growth involving high performance computing, intelligent simulations and provides leadership in high-end computing and simulation in such areas as geoscience, computational fluid dynamics, systems biology and high-end visualization. Jordan is also a member of the IBM Academy of Technology. A world renown researcher in computational science and engineering, a Fellow of SIAM and AAAS, is on several SIAM committees most recently Committee on Science Policy and Committee on Fellows. He is also on several university advisory boards and organizing/program committees for major conferences of IEEE and SIAM.

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