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Hanscom Air Force Base

Chancellor’s Medal for Outstanding University Support


Since it emerged in the 1940s as the Air Force’s hub for the development and acquisition of electronic systems, Hanscom Air Force Base has been a catalyst for the expansion of the technology sector in Massachusetts. As the only active-duty Air Force installation in New England, Hanscom continues to be a driving force in the advancement of innovative technologies in the region and plays a leadership role in the development and acquisition of Air Force command and control systems.

At Hanscom Air Force Base, military, civilians and contractors work to acquire critical systems for the Air Force and sister services. These systems provide connectivity with items such as radar, communication and intelligence systems, command and operations centers and network infrastructure and cyber defense. It’s critical work that helps those in uniform prevail and return home safely.

Over the past decade, Hanscom Air Force Base and the university have collaborated on countless mutually beneficial successes within an Education Partnership Agreement involving network security, project management, digital internships, energy resiliency, virtual reality for first responders, a range of internships and many more. The base and the university look to build on these successes and are focused on new opportunities for collaboration.

Accepting the Chancellor’s Medal on behalf of Hanscom is Col. Taona A. Enriquez, the Hanscom Air Force Base installation commander. In this role, Col. Enriquez focuses on filling gaps and stimulating innovative partnerships as the face of the Air Force in New England. 

In her position, she has focused on supporting the people who live on, work on and visit Hanscom Air Force Base. She is also focused on ensuring energy resiliency, improving the installation’s technology for seamless connectivity, fostering innovation and partnerships, and supporting the veteran community throughout Hanscom’s service area within New England and eastern New York. 

Col. Enriquez’s previous roles include multiple senior contracting roles and as a defense legislative fellow. She holds bachelor’s and master’s degrees from the University of New Mexico and attended the Institute of Public Policy at George Washington University.