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PSYC.6940 Mentored Research Experience

Id: 041415 Credits Min: 1 Credits Max: 6


Students will take an applied role in faculty-supervised research, with prior approval of primary advisor, where they provide a meaningful contribution to a faculty member's research program or particular study. Students will be involved in various stages of the research process, including literature review, research design, procedures, data collection, entry, and/or analysis. Activities will be substantive enough for the students to earn co-authorship in research dissemination, including research papers, presentations, and policy briefs. Graded as Satisfactory or Unsatisfactory, 3 credits or 6 credits. This course may be repeated but no more than 12 credits total from an combination of PSYC.6930, PSYC.6940, PSYC.6950 may be counted toward the degree.

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