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PHYS.1210 Exploring the Universe (Formerly 95.121)

Id: 008528 Credits Min: 3 Credits Max: 3


The course provides a broad survey of astronomy covering topics such as: what is the solar system like? How do we explore it? Will Earth be destroyed by a giant asteroid? How do we know about planets orbiting other stars? How do they form? What are they like? Is there life anywhere besides Earth? How did the Universe begin? How big is it? How old? What is dark matter? Dark energy? How can we tell? SATISFIES: (1) Science elective requirements for Science majors and (2) Breadth of Knowledge requirement of EITHER Science with Lab Perspective (SCL) (if taken with PHYS.1210L: Exploring the Universe Laboratory) OR STEM Perspective, but NOT both STEM and SCL.


Co-Req: PHYS.1210 Lab for Exploring the Universe; Anti-Req: ENVI.1150 Astronomy. Please Note: Academic petition is required for anti-req exceptions.

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