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MGMT.6250 Negotiations (Formerly MGMT/66.625)

Id: 006716 Credits Min: 3 Credits Max: 3


Skillful negotiation is a critical tool for the successful manager - from negotiating schedules and vacation time to negotiating resource allocations to negotiating mergers and major policy decisions and their implementation. In this course, students are provided the tools to diagnose conflict situations, analyze, plan, and conduct negotiations in a variety of settings. Students will develop the analytical skill to examine the strategy and psychology of negotiation; tactically manage interpersonal communication and decision-making; identify key factors that characterize different negotiation situations; and learn to construct appropriate strategies to address them. The course format will involve simulated negotiation as well as experiential exercises, cases, and discussion.


MGMT.5010, and FINA.5010, or Matriculated MSA, or Permission of graduate program coordinator.

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