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EECE.5170 MMIC Design and Fabrication (Formerly 16.517)

Id: 003271 Credits Min: 3 Credits Max: 3


The domain of microwave monolithic integrated circuits (MMIC) design and fabrication engineer stretches from realms of device physics and microwave circuit theory in the frequency range from 300MHz to 300 GHz. The main goal of the course is to embody most of the application of the spectrum that have been deployed during the past five decades due to advances of many microwave solid -state devices. The principles of semiconductors emphasizing 1) the properties which predominate at microwave frequencies, 2) the theories for circuit design techniques required to utilize them at microwave frequencies, and 3) practical engineering applications for controlling microwave signals in amplitude and phase using semiconductors, will be treated in great details. Special emphasis will be laid on correlation of S 'parameters with microwave device parameters and their usage in designing Low-noise amplifiers, High-power amplifiers and oscillators and their integration in MMIC design.


EECE.3600 Emag Theory I ; Electrical Engineering (BS) or Computer Engineering (BS) only.

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