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CHEN.3110 Phase and Chemical Reaction Equilibria (Formerly 10.311)

Id: 002868 Credits Min: 3 Credits Max: 3


This course is a continuation of CHEN.2020 Chemical Engineering Thermodynamics and develops capacity to apply thermodynamic principles towards the solution of practical problems while maintaining the rigorous characteristics of thermodynamics analysis. The course extends the treatment of thermodynamic properties of pure fluids to the application of problems unique to chemical engineering involving vapor-liquid equilibrium, liquid-liquid and multiphase equilibrium, as well as the theory and application of solution thermodynamics and chemical reaction equilibria.


CHEN.2020 Chemical Engineering Thermodynamics with a 'C-' or higher, or Spring 2020 grade of 'P', and MATH.1320 Calculus II, and Chemical Engineering Majors Only.

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