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PUBH.4090 Service Learning in Community Health (Formerly 31.409)

Id: 004496 Credits Min: 3 Credits Max: 3


This course is designed to serve as a service learning experience in the fall semester of students' senior year in Health Education. Students will be expected to participate in a pre-determined community health project happening in the City of Lowell for a minimum of 40 hours. During the course of this experience, students will provide the community health organization with their time, knowledge, and effort, and will, in return, gain tremendous experience in the organization, development, implementation, and/or evaluation of Community Health Education and Promotion Projects. Collaboration with various professionals involved in the programs and projects will certainly add to students' understanding of what a Health Educator does! An integral piece of this service learning experience will be the bi-monthly seminar geared toward asuring the connection between the community experience and the theoretical and academic framework from which it is derived Through the use of readings, discussions, student presentations, and guest speakers, students will gain wonderful experience in terms of what it means to "build the capacity of a community". Meets Core Curriculum Essential Learning Outcome for Applied & Integrative Learning (AIL).


Co-req: PUBH.4050 Communication Techniques in Health Promotion and Public Health Majors only.

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