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PSYC.5830 Philosophical Underpinnings of Behavior Analysis

Id: 041583 Credits Min: 3 Credits Max: 3


This course will focus on the scientific and philosophical underpinnings of behavior analysis. In this course, students will review basic assumptions about the nature of behavior, including comparison of the philosophical positions of free will and determinism. Emphasis will be placed on verbal behavior and the problems that can arise when practitioners are confronted wit mentalistic explanations of behavior. Students also will explore complex conceptual issues, such as knowledge and understanding, purpose and intention, problem-solving, reasoning, creativity, culture, ethics, and rights and values, in ways that illustrate how they are important to everyday life. The historical perspective of how radical behaviorism evolved, and how it compare to other conceptual systems will be reviewed.


PSYC.5810 Concepts and Principles of Behavior Analysis.

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