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PHYS.4390 Electro-Optics (Formerly 95.439/539)

Id: 001218 Credits Min: 3 Credits Max: 3


Optical properties of materials, including dispersion, absorption, reflection and refraction at the boundary of two media. Crystal optics and induced birefringence and optical activity. Polarization states and Jones matrices. Applications to electro-optic devices. Experiments and projects involving the study of optical sources and detectors , spectroscopy, polarization, birefringence, pockels' effect, optical fibers, and optical communication. (offered as 95.539 for graduate credit)


Pre-Reqs: MATH 2340 Differential Equations or MATH 2360 Eng Differential Equations and PHYS 3380 Optics & Waves with a 'C-' or better.

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