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PHYS.2690 Honors Physics III (Formerly 95.269)

Id: 008547 Credits Min: 4 Credits Max: 4


Statics and dynamics of fluids, pressure, viscosity, Archimedes and Bernoulli principles, mechanical properties of solids, stress and strain, shear, electric and magnetic properties of materials, para- dia- and ferromagnetism, electro-mechanical and magneto-mechanical effects,hysteresis, advanced topics in waves and vibrations, damping, resonance in mechanical and AC oscillators, thermodynamics, Maxwell's velocity distribution, blackbody radiation, and the limits of classical physics, introduction to special relativity.


Pre-Req: PHYS 1440 Physics II with a 'C-' or higher, or Spring 2020 grade of 'P', Co-Req: PHYS 2610L The Physics of Materials & Dev or PHYS 2450L Physics III Lab.

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