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PHYS.1640 Honors Physics II (Formerly 95.164)

Id: 008537 Credits Min: 4 Credits Max: 4


Geometrical optics, reflection, refraction, flat and curved mirrors, thin lenses; physical optics, interference and diffraction; electrostatics, charge, electric forces, fields and flux, electric potential, capacitance and field energy; electric charge in motion, currents, DC and RC circuits; magnetic fields, forces on moving charges, magnetic field of an electric current, electromagnetic induction, inductance, changing currents, AC circuits; electromagnetic radiation; the limits of classical electromagnetic theory.


Pre-Req: PHYS 1610 with a 'C-' or higher; or Spring 2020 grade of 'P', &Co-Req: MATH 1320 & PHYS 1640L; Anti-Req:PHYS.1040/1040L, PHYS.1440/1440L; or PHYS.1640/1640L. Please Note: Academic petition is required for anti-req exceptions.

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