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PHYS.1610 Honors Physics I (Formerly 95.161)

Id: 008535 Credits Min: 4 Credits Max: 4


Introductory mechanics at a more challenging level and the first semester of a sequence for physics majors. Mechanics of particles in one dimension, kinematics, forces, dynamics; particles in two and three dimensions, vectors, curvilinear and oscillatory motion; conservation principles, work, energy, linear momentum, collisions; rotational mechanics, angular momentum, torque and static equilibrium; gravitation and planetary orbits; wave motion, transverse and longitudinal, standing waves.


Co-Reqs: MATH 1310 &PHYS 1610L;Anti-Req:Students only can receive credit for one of the following fr-lvl physics I lec/lab courses:PHYS.1010/1010L;PHYS.1030/1030L, PHYS.1410/1410L;or PHYS.1610/1610L. Academic petition is required for anti-req exceptions.

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