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PHYS.1010 Introductory Physics (Formerly 95.101)

Id: 008523 Credits Min: 3 Credits Max: 3


A survey course for students majoring in sound recording technology. Topics covered include:one and two dimensional motion, Newton's Laws of dynamics, statics, circular motion, work and energy, linear and angular momentum, electrostatics, electric and potential fields, magnetic fields, vibrations, waves, sound, Faraday's Law and AC circuits.


Co-Req:PHYS.1010L; Anti-Req: Students only can receive credit for one of the following fr-lvl phys I lec/lab courses: PHYS.1010/1010L;PHYS.1030/1030L,PHYS.1410/1410L;or PHYS.1610/1610L. Please Note: Academic petition is required for anti-req exceptions.

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