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HIST.2410 Colonial Survival: Case Studies in Early American Legal and Political History (Formerly 43.241)

Id: 037709 Credits Min: 3 Credits Max: 3


This class contrasts the dominant monoculture colonies of Massachusetts Bay and Virginia with the lesser known multicultural colonies of Maine, Plymouth, New Amsterdam, Maryland and Rhode Island. While some of the multicultural colonies foundered, others flourished by utilizing a wide range of political and legal methods which allowed for their survival alongside much larger rival colonies. The class finishes by examining similar political and legal methods employed by Native American tribes for their own survival, in particular the Cherokee, whose carefully negotiated accommodations to Anglo-American culture allowed them to live side by side with the growing United States until the 1830's. Close analysis of both primary and secondary source material will provide students with an intensive look at rarely examined issues in early American history.


HIST.1110 United States History to 1877.

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