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ENGN.5200 Aerospace Systems Design and Integration

Id: 042004 Credits Min: 3 Credits Max: 3


This introductory course discusses the basics of Aerospace Systems design and integration as they apply to modern advanced aircraft platforms (both military and civilian). Detailed analyses of individual aircraft engine systems- and sub-systems will be studied as well as their intended interaction with other aircraft-based systems (e.g., hydraulic, lubrication, fuel, pneumatic, electronic, electrical, etc.). Emphasis will be given on modern advanced controls through study of EEC (Electronic Engine Controls) and FADEC (Full-Authority Digital Engine Controls), and their performance as part of the overall aircraft avionics systems. A brief review of appropriate requirements and protocols for systems- and sub-systems design, testing, validation & verification, performance is examined.


MECH.2420 Thermodynamics, and MECH.3810 Fluid Mechanics, and MECH.3820 Heat Transfer, or permission of Instructor.

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