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EECE.5950 Solid State RF Electronics (Formerly 16.595)

Id: 032955 Credits Min: 3 Credits Max: 3


This course provides a physical understanding of advanced solid-state devices with an emphasis on high-speed designs for RF applications. Topics include semiconductor heterostructures, heterojunction bipolar transistors, field-effect transistors, high-electron-mobility transistors, hot-electron devices, charge transport, quantum confinement effects, and small-signal analysis. Technologies to be discussed draw from group IV elemental semiconductors (silicon, germanium), group III-V compound semiconductor families (arsenides, phosphides, nitrides), and emerging oxide materials. Case studies of state-of-the-art examples taken from the literature will be used to motivate more in-depth discussions.


Pre-Req EECE.4740 Principles of Solid State Devices and & EECE.5230 Introduction of Solid State Electronics, and undergraduate-level courses in solid-state physics and quantum mechanics, or permission of instructor.

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