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EECE.5460 Communication Networks (Formerly 16.546)

Id: 003291 Credits Min: 3 Credits Max: 3


An in depth survey of the elements of the modern computer based telecommunications system. Discussion of media used to transport voice and data traffic including twisted pair, baseband and broadband coaxial cable, fiber optic systems and wireless systems. Techniques for sending data over the media are presented including modems, baseband encoding, modulation and specific cases such as DSL, cable modems, telephone modems. Architecture and functionality of telephone system that serves as backbone for moving data, including multiplexing, switching, ATM, ISDN, SONET. Layered software architectures are discussed including TCP/IP protocol stack and the ISO/OSI seven layer stacks are examined in depth from data link protocols to transport protocols. LAN and WAN architectures including media access control (MAC) techniques are discussed for Ethernet, token ring and wireless LAN applications. Internetworking protocols and the role of repeaters, routers, and bridges. Voice over IP and state of the art applications.

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