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EECE.5120 Mixed-Signal VLSI Design (Formerly 16.512)

Id: 036394 Credits Min: 3 Credits Max: 3


The course covers a wide spectrum of topics related to challenges in modern VLSI design. Students will learn the skills of overcoming these problems when two opposing signal domains are integrated onto a single chip. Understanding physical layout representation and the effects of alternative layout solutions on circuit and system specifications is critical in modern designs. Students will learn to use the CAD tools widely used by the semiconductor industry for layout, schematic capture, advanced simulation, parasitic extraction, floorplanning and place and route. specifically, the course provides a review of fundamentals of semiconductor components. In the next step, basic building blocks of digital and analog design are described. The course concludes with challenges of large scale integration under varying operation conditions. An individual project involving a layout design from specification to implementation is included.

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