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EDUC.4110 Elementary Education Practicum and Seminar

Id: 042084 Credits Min: 9 Credits Max: 9


The Elementary Education Practicum is a culminating supervised field experience for Teacher Candidates. During this experience, the Teacher Candidates, with guidance and support from the Supervising Practitioner and the Program Supervisor, gradually work towards full-time teaching responsibility in the Supervising Practitioner's classroom in a general education classroom. Beginning on the first day of classes and continuing through the last day of classes for the semester, Teacher Candidates will attend their practicum site all day, every day, following the calendar of the practicum site. They will mirror the expectations of their Supervising Practitioner. Successful completion of the Elementary Practicum includes meeting all expectations as described by the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE). The field experience is accompanied by a weekly seminar.


EDUC.4100 Pre-practicum, and BAEd Elementary and Moderate Disabilities Majors only.

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