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EDUC.4100 Pre-practicum

Id: 040456 Credits Min: 2 Credits Max: 2


The pre-practicum focuses on what it means to be a teacher, as well as the content, dispositions and skills necessary to succeed in the teaching profession. Throughout the pre-practicum, learning about the teaching comes through a variety of opportunities: (1) Structured and focused observations in schools of different demographics; (2) Teaching experiences; (3) Participation in professional seminars on diverse educational topics; (4) Engagement with different types of school professionals around educational topics; (5) Reflection on coursework with a field experience component that bridges the gap between academic knowledge and practitioner knowledge.


EDUC. 2000 Foundations of Reading, and EDUC.2100 Intro to Moderate Disabilities, and EDUC.2500 Tchg.Elem.Soc.Stud.Inclusive, and EDUC.3200 Methods Tchng.Stu.Mod.Disab., and Co-req: EDUC.3400 Math.Prob.Solv.Inclusive E.

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