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ECON.3110 Mathematical Economics

Id: 040935 Credits Min: 3 Credits Max: 3


Since the late nineteen century, economics as a discipline has chosen mathematics as the main language of choice to describe the problems, hypothesis, theoretical explanation and tests it wants to study. This course aims to strengthen students' "translation skills" so that they can become more comfortable in applying mathematical concepts to their study of economics problems. Two distinct features set this course apart from a typical upper-level economics course of a pure mathematics course. First, this course will not only sharpen students' technical skills but will mainly emphasizes on the connections between those skills and economic intuitions. Second, students will learn those mathematical tools in a more organized and intensive way, with ample economic applications.


ECON.2010 Economics I, and ECON.2020 Economics II, and MATH.1220 Management Calculus, or MATH 1310 Calculus I, or Math.1280 Calculus 1A.

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