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DGMD.4100 TV Studio Production (Formerly JMS 410/DGMD 410)

Id: 038651 Credits Min: 3 Credits Max: 3


This course will offer you the opportunity to produce different types of live programs using digital technology. Plan, organise and direct TV studio-based broadcasting. Work effectively as part of a group. It provides a working knowledge of compositional, personal and organizational production skills in relation to the making of a live broadcast program using at least three cameras having in mind that you will cut/ edit form a camera to another without stopping. It requires collaboration, teamwork and strict, organized structures. In most cases, it requires leadership. But for everybody, personal qualities such as determination, enthusiasm and persistence are almost essential. So too is engaged participation.


DGMD.1000 Introduction to Digital Media, or DGMD.1100 Introduction to Digital Media Production, or Permission of Instructor.

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