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CHEM.5950 Supramolecular Chemistry

Id: 040681 Credits Min: 3 Credits Max: 3


Supramolecular Chemistry is a rapidly growing area at the interfaces between chemistry, biology, physics, and engineering. It can be described as Chemistry Beyond the Molecule and the chemistry of molecular assemblies. Inspired by Nature, it involves the study of complex structures held together by reversible, mostly non-covalent interactions, and encompasses the design and development of functional systems based on multiple chemical components. This course will provide detailed understanding of the general principles and concepts of the field, including host-guest chemistry, molecular recognition, and self-assembly, as well as highlight a wide variety of examples and applications of supramolecular systems in chemistry, biology, nanotechnology, and materials science.


Pre-Req: CHEM.1220 Chemistry II OR equivalent course.

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