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BIOL.5940 Immunology II, Current Topics

Id: 041273 Credits Min: 3 Credits Max: 3


This course will focus on recent advances in the field of immunology including the study of immune development and activation, response to infection, vaccines, immunoregulation, cancer immunotherapy, and immune dysfunction. Expanding upon the foundational immunologic concepts covered in BIOL.4930/BIOL.5930, students will gain knowledge of the innate and adaptive immune system at the structural, molecular, cellular, and functional levels. The objectives of Advanced Topics in Immunology are to gain a comprehensive and practical understanding of current immunological principles in research and clinical/applied sciences, learn to critically read and evaluate scientific literature, learn to interpret data, and design experiments that rigorously test hypotheses.


BIOL.4930 or BIOL.5930 Immunology.

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