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BIOL.4620 Cardiovascular Physiology (Formerly 81.462)

Id: 039419 Credits Min: 3 Credits Max: 3


This course will focus on human cardiovascular physiology in normal and diseased states. The objective of Cardiovascular Physiology is to reinforce the concept that the cardiovascular system can be understood in terms fundamental biophysical and cellular physiological principles. Quantitative aspects will be reinforces with problem sets in the accompanying lab course 81.463. Key concepts in the course will be placed in a medical context showing the underlying physiological concepts that lead to disease states such as; altered blood pressure, heart failure, valvular disease and arrhythmias.


BIOL.4190 Biochemistry, and BIOL 2520 Physiology, or BIOL 5520 Quantitative Physiology, or HSCI 1020 Human Anatomy & Physiology ll, and Co-req: BIOL 4630L Cardiovascular Physiology Lab.

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