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BIOL.4550 Entomology

Id: 041943 Credits Min: 3 Credits Max: 3


This course explores the diversity, evolution, and behaviors of insects. Insects are pollinators, undertakers, and parasites. They are master architects, and the inventors of flight and agriculture. Their societies can tower over elephants or fit in the palm of your hand. Plagues of locusts have shaped human history and wars have been won on the backs of fleas. This course emphasizes comparative natural history and experimentation as the foundation of innovations in entomology. Students will develop a solid understanding of the principles of insect biology that can be applied to medical, forensic, veterinary, agricultural, conservation and academic fields.


BIOL.2400 Evolution, Ecology & Conservation with a C- or higher, and Co-req: BIOL.4550L Entomology Laboratory, or Permission of Instructor.

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