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BIOL.4480 Form Feeds Function in Vertebrate Evolution

Id: 040787 Credits Min: 4 Credits Max: 4


This course will provide you with a solid comparative knowledge of how vertebrates including humans have evolved, focusing on how anatomy (form) feeds function (physiology, biomechanics) in movement biology (Cardiorespiratory, sensing, locomotion, feeding). It is only by understanding our evolutionary history that you understand e.g. how vertebrates became Olympian movers, how humans became bipedal, why we use parts of the ancestral jaw to hear, and how we avoid choking when we swallow. Such knowledge is key for medical and veterinary school, but will also support you in biomedical and biotechnology fields as well as in various general science disciplines. This course emphasizes modes of thought, including the differences between evidence and inference, and between correlation and causalit.


BIOL.1110 Principles of Biology I, and BIOL.1120 Principles of Biology II, and BIOL.2400 Evolution, Ecology and Conservation.

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