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BIOL.4072 Data Science for Biologists

Id: 041946 Credits Min: 3 Credits Max: 3


Like many other areas of science and business, biology in increasingly defined by increasing amounts of available data. The ability to analyze, visualize, and make inferences from this data will become increasingly valuable for future biologists. Data science can be defined as the intersection between computer science, applied statistics, and knowledge of the application domain--in this case, biology. In this class we will apply methods such as generalized linear models, multi-level models, unsupervised learning, and basic neural networks to biological problems. Hands-on activities using programming will give students experience with steps of a data science project, including simulating, exploring, visualizing, drawing conclusions with statistics, and creating a reproducible analysis.


Co-req: BIOL.4072L Data Science for Biologists, and Pre-req: BIOL.2220, or COMP.2010, or MATH.2340, or MATH.2360, or MATH.3220, or Permission of Instructor.

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