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BIOL.4062L Bioinformatic Tools in Sequence Analysis Lab

Id: 041662 Credits Min: 1 Credits Max: 1


This lab accompanies the lecture, with hands-on practical assignments to achieve a firmer understanding of bioinformatics tools and principles. Assignments and a term project emphasize the application of computational approaches from a biologist's perspective. Topics include genome assembly, transcriptomic analysis, and data retrieval from databases using both graphical user interfaces and basic computer programming using Bash and R. The class assignments are all computer-based exercises that are designed to showcase the capabilities and limitations of bioinformatics research and tools used in sequence analysis, as well as to develop skills in coding literacy.


BIOL.2350 Genetics, and Co-req: BIOL.4062 Bioinformatics Tools Lecture, Must take both BIOL.4062 lecture and BIOL.4062L Lab together.

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