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BIOL.3420 Comp Vertebrate Anatomy (Formerly 81.342)

Id: 007501 Credits Min: 3 Credits Max: 3


This course is designed to provide students a broad understanding of the anatomy of vertebrates with an emphasis on comparison between taxa and their evolutionary significance. Students will acquire knowledge and understanding of anatomical structure and terminology of vertebrates and an understanding of how these structures have evolved from ancestral forms. There will also be some reference to the fields of embryology, histology and paleontology in the course. This course may interest students who might want to go into various animal/human focused fields (e.g. veterinary science, medicine or graduate studies with more organismal focus), and students who simply want a course focused on vertebrates. However, students should note that this course does not focus on human nor veterinary anatomy.This course could also help undergraduates in the General Biology and Ecology Option satisfy free elective requirements.


BIOL.1110 Principles of Biology I, and BIOL.1120 Principles of Biology II, and Co-req: BIOL.3440L Comp. Vertebrate Anatomy Lab.

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