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ARTS.4300 Typography III (Formerly 70.340)

Id: 038878 Credits Min: 3 Credits Max: 3


Typography III is a course in typographic theory and practice. This is a project based course, which includes a visual, research and writing component. During this course students, will create at least two grid systems and use them as primary units of organization. Students will apply typographic systems and basic interaction principles to two complex, text/image structures: a book and a series of web pages. Through readings, lectures and projects/critiques, you will be introduced to various theoretical approaches to the typographic page, as well as various approaches to designing interactive structures (book, web page/site) that hold and present typographic content. Students must earn a C+ or better in this course to continue in the Graphic Design BFA program.


ARTS 1010 Art Concepts, ARTS 1020 Art Concepts II, ARTS 1130 Digital Foundations, ARTS 2010 Form & Content, ARTS 1550 Drawing I, ARTS 1560 Drawing II, ARTS 2100 Graphic Design I, ARTS 3100 Graphic Design II, and ARTS 2300 Typography I, and Co-re

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