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ARTS.4100 Graphic Design III (Formerly 70.410)

Id: 031971 Credits Min: 3 Credits Max: 3


Students will drive their own content creation to solve visual, conceptual and technical problems through independently and collaboratively-generated analysis, evaluation, and refinement. Through research, they will create an extensive multi-part project that addresses communication design (audience, messaging, interaction/experience) and representation of an idea across multiple elements in a system. The visual strategy should explore a brand language and system, and be applied to print and screen-based deliverables including, but not limited to: brand identity guidelines, packaging, website/app, print and social media advertising, and promotional motion graphics. They will write about and document their process throughout, and present final work in a professional presentation. Students must earn a C+ or better in this course to continue in the Graphic Design BFA program.


ARTS 1010 Art Concepts, ARTS 1020 Art Concepts II, ARTS 1130 Digital Foundations, ARTS 2010 Form & Content, ARTS 1550 Drawing I, ARTS 1560 Drawing II, ARTS 2100 Graphic Design I, ARTS 3100 Graphic Design II, ARTS 2300 Typography l and ARTS 3300

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