How do I sign up for club sports?

Email the team contact located on each team's active club webpage, if you don't get a response email:, Assistant Director of Club Sports and Business Operations.

What is a club sport?

Club sports participate in practices and games and compete against other colleges and universities.

Can I play for more than one sport?

You can play more than one sport.

What schools do we compete against?

We compete with schools in the area. Different sports compete in different leagues and organizations which include different schools mainly in the New England/ Northeast area. Some teams may compete nationally, those locations may vary.

How much does it cost to play?

Each team has their own individual cost to play ranging from $10-$1,100.

Is experience required to participate?

All experience levels are welcome. Some teams have tryouts where experience is highly recommended others are open where no experience is required.

How can I find out more information about a specific sport?

You can find out more information by emailing the team captain or contact.

How is club sports different from varsity?

Club sports have less requirements on and off the field and there is often a cost associated with playing club sports. Club sports are also student run with assistance from coaches.

Who is eligible to play?

Club Sports are designed to primarily serve undergraduate students at UMass Lowell. To ensure that all undergraduate students are given the opportunity to fully participate, the following membership categories have been established: 

Full Membership: extended to all full-time undergraduate students. 

Associate Membership: available to full-time graduate students, part-time undergraduate students with at least 9 credits and full-time faculty/staff members who have access to Campus Recreation facilities. Associate members may participate in club activities, but they are not eligible to hold office, do not have voting rights, and may be required to pay additional membership fees. 

What is the time commitment?

Each team has their own specific time commitment. Email the captain/president for more information about team practice and game schedule. 

I want to play a sport that isn't listed, how can I start up a club?

You can start a club sport that isn't listed. Read about how to start a club

Where do the teams practice?

The following locations are practice areas: Cushing Complex on North Campus; Costello Athletic Center on North Campus; Campus Recreation Center on East Campus; Bellegarde Boathouse; Riverview Field on South Campus; Tsongas Arena. 

Can I play both intramural and club sports?


What is IM Leagues?

IM Leagues is the club registration software used for team and administration management. 

Can a commuter play?

Yes commuters are eligible. For more information read the club sports manual.

Are there athletic trainers at home games?

Yes, home games do have athletic trainers on site as well as clinics at the Campus Recreation Center. Visit the Club Sports Healthcare site for more information about the times for the clinics. 

What do club participants wear?

All teams should have access to uniforms that are appropriate for their sport and that they feel comfortable wearing. No student should be required to wear a gendered uniform that conflicts with the student’s gender identity.