• Currently all inside/subpages, unless having a banner image directly assigned, inherit the landing page banner image of that website 
  • On most sites this allows non-contextual images to be present and repeated 
  • It is not necessary to have a different image for every page inside/subpage banner and resources and/or image inventory have hindered the ability to provide custom images for each page banner

Eliminate non-contextual inherited images that impede visitors from quickly accessing content

NOTE: The repeated banner image is not related to the current page or content.

4 web page samples with repeated banner images

Updated Design Details

  • A vibrant blue banner along with an animated parallax background offers an aesthetically pleasing alternative to the repeated smaller image. 
  • On landing pages, the intro content is pulled up into the banner image thus shortening the height of the image/intro space.  Additionally, the global navigation has been condensed
  • Only top level and/or marketing related pages (Admissions, Student Life, etc.) will be assigned a relevant banner image to an inside page if necessary
  • These updates will impact 90% of our inside/subpages converting them to blue banners.
  • Existing custom banner images that are not inherited will remain on websites and if necessary, the web content and design team will assist in optimizing those banner images.
Web Template Update Comparison
Comparison views of 4 web pages before and after
The intro content has been pulled up into the banner shortening the height and allowing for more content visible withing landing browser window.
Comparison views of the web site landing page template before and after the new design


Note the repeated banner image not related to the current page or content.
Current web page before new design displaying repeated banner image
The vibrant blue banner, background parallax animation and animated yellow underline brings your eye quickly to the title and page subject/content
New web page design with elements