Why Take Army ROTC?

Leadership, Adventure, Training, Personal Development, Self-Discipline, Scholarships, Service, Career...

Most students that join ROTC are looking for a challenge and an opportunity to train for a career while earning their college degree. They also feel a calling to serve our Nation as leaders.  ROTC provides both through real, practical leadership training and experience along with a professional salaried job, in the U.S. Army, immediately after college graduation.

Army ROTC is recognized as among the best leadership programs in our country and prepares our graduates for services anywhere we have soldiers around the world.  It is a special opportunity to have a positive impact and make a difference in today's world.

If you are person with your sights set on accomplishing goals in your life and having an impact on the continued freedom of our country, and you enjoy being part of a team and leading teams, then you should join ROTC by registering for a Military Science class!