Why should I participate in Launch Summer Programs at UMass Lowell?

Each of our summer programs has been crafted to provide you with a unique experience to prepare you for whatever step you may take next. Whether you will be a first-year student in college, new transfer student, or continuing in high school, each of the programs will help you prepare for a continued successful academic pathway.

What are the benefits?

Launch Summer Programs provide you the opportunity to connect with peers and faculty through social and/or academic sessions. The connections with peers, faculty and staff will provide you with a community at UMass Lowell. Whether in class, a Launch! Seminar or the Summer Success Series, you will be able to connect with peers, faculty, and staff from across campus to build your network of success before the fall even begins.

Which classes should I take?

One of our professionals will speak with you and your family about your academic goals and assist you with course selection to ensure you are taking coursework for your desired goals. 

Will this be accepted for my major?

Yes! Each course offered through the Launch Summer Programs will satisfy various degree requirements at UMass Lowell and other colleges/universities. Our professionals will assist you with course selection for your entering program at UMass Lowell or another college/university. 

Is financial aid available?

Unfortunately, financial aid is not available for Launch Summer Programs. However, each program has various scholarships available as part of the application process to assist with the associated costs.  

How will I take classes?

Launch Summer Program coursework is offered on campus to provide you and your peers with an engaging and lively environment.

What if I have accommodations?

Students requesting accommodations will need to register with Disability Services

Can I take classes with my friends if we are different majors?

Yes! All of the courses offered will be applied to your degree pathway. A professional will work with you individually to select the most appropriate course to take with your friend toward your degree at UMass Lowell or another college/university.

What if I have to miss classes because of a vacation or trip?

Summer sessions are fast-paced environments. Missing one class session is the equivalent of missing one week during a long semester. This is a conversation to have with one of our professionals and the faculty member teaching the course you will be taking as part of the Launch Summer Programs. 

What if I work during the day?

We encourage you to work with your employer to adjust your schedule to be able to attend your academic courses and workshops. Course attendance is paramount to your success in coursework. 

What if I am waiting on AP or IB credits?

No problem! We can arrange academic courses around any AP or IB credits. 

What if I took the courses as dual enrollment in high school?

Great job! We can arrange courses around any dual enrollment courses you may have already completed. 

Do I have to attend orientation before starting Launch?

  • Incoming UMass Lowell first-year students are required to attend first-year orientation prior to the start of any Launch Summer Program (July 5, 2023). 
  • Students attending another college/university should speak with one of our professionals on course dates you may miss to attend your first-year orientation.
  • Students continuing in high school do not have a first-year orientation to attend before starting. 

How do I know which math course to take?

Students who take one of our math courses will be required to complete a math placement exam prior to course registration. The exam is proctored electronically, or students can complete the exam in one of our on-campus Testing Center.