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Discover Biological Sciences Research

Frederic Chain's Research Lab
Focuses on Bioinformatics & Evolutionary and Environmental Genomics

Jennifer Fish's Research Lab
Focuses on Craniofacial Development and Evolution

Peter Gaines' Research
Focuses on Hematopoiesis, Molecular Genetics and Cell Biology

Jessica Garb's Research Lab
Focuses on Evolutionary Biology, Genomics, and Phylogenetics

Michael Graves' Research
Focuses on Molecular Biology and Virology

Hwai-Chen Guo's Research Lab
Focuses on Structural Biology; Macromolecular Crystallography; Enzymology

Garth Hall's Research
Focuses on Cell Biology, Neurodegenerative Disease, Neuroscience

Rick Hochberg's Research Lab
Focuses on Invertebrate Zoology, Functional Morphology, Taxonomy & Systematics

Nicolai Konow's Research
Focuses on Comparative biomechanics, Muscle Physiology, Ecomorphology

Jeffrey Moore's Research Lab
Focuses on Molecular Motors, Cellular Motility & Muscle Contraction

Michael Myre's Research
Focuses on Molecular mechanisms of neurodegeneration, Cell motility and adhesion

Matthew Nugent's Research
Focuses on Cell Biology & Biochemistry; Extracellular Matrix; Growth Factors; Proteoglycans; Vascular Biology

Natalie Steinel's Research
Focuses on eco-immunology, comparative immuology, host-parasite dynamics

Thomas Shea's Laboratory for Neuroscience
Focuses on Cell Biology and Neurobiology

Naomi Wernick's Research
Focuses on Biology Education, Cell Biology and Molecular Biology