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Here are some of our alumni, their career progress, and what they have to say about their education at UMass Lowell...

"I entered a Ph.D. program with students from Texas A&M, UCLA, Notre Dame, North Carolina at Chapel Hill, William & Mary, Rutgers and other nationally known schools. Since the ULowell program offers a well rounded curriculum, I actually felt better prepared as a graduate student than my contemporaries of graduate school. I have always been proud of this."

"The biology curriculum at UMass Lowell offers any student with the opportunity to prepare himself or herself for employment in the biotechnology field. The UMass Lowell program provided me with an excellent education and prepared me well for my employment."

"The Biotechnology Program really prepared me well for industry, and it makes a big difference when your knowledge in the lab directly relates to the money the company makes."

"I feel that the Biology Department has an excellent program to offer and teaches you a lot about what you'll actually be doing, not just theory. I think the faculty is superb because they don't just teach you, they get you excited about science. Speaking to other peers at the bachelor's level who have gone to other schools, I've found that most of them haven't had as many choices in their undergraduate programs or any labs to go along with some of the classes."

"Gaining experience with instruments such as PCR instruments, sequencing apparatus, electrophoresis, western blotting equipment and other state-of-the-art equipment is extremely important. My experience since leaving ULowell has been that faculty members do not like to invest their time in these activities and providing laboratory courses. The faculty at ULowell was exceptional in this regard and provided more guidance and opportunity to learn technical skills than many other institutions."

"Overall, I feel that UMass Lowell prepared me well for both medical school and my career as a physician."

"Now that I am in the second year of my training at Uniformed Services University, I am convinced that I am going to make it. The education I received at the University of Lowell has provided me with a firm foundation upon which to place all the new knowledge I have been given. If any of your students question whether there is relevance in what they learn, let them know that I can hold my own against medical students from all over the country. You and other members of the faculty at Lowell have taught me that, and given me the opportunity to realize my dream to become a doctor."

"The education that I received at Lowell has prepared me well for dental school. By comparison to my classmates, my education is actually superior. The advanced courses offered (Cell Culture, Immunobiology, Electron Microscopy, etc.) are not common. The department is to be commended for the superior program it has developed, as well as for the excellent faculty."

"I am competing well in the Research/Biotech field against other people with similar experiences from Harvard, BU, BC, MIT, UMass, etc. My minor in mathematics (Computer Option) gave me an important niche."

"I received a well-rounded education at UMass Lowell that provided me with a solid foundation on which to build a career as a bio-medical scientist."

"I feel that ULowell provided me with a solid background in biology/molecular biology. I started a DNA laboratory at the Center for Blood Research and at the American Red Cross. I am currently responsible for supervising our molecular biology lab in its National Marrow Donor Program."