Conduct Your Survey in Class

In advance (optional, but advised):

  • Note the active dates of upcoming surveys on the Student Feedback on Instruction page.
  • Choose a class meeting date (in person or synchronous remote) when you’d like to have students complete their evaluations.
  • Announce the date to students in class (and in your Blackboard notices or via email).
    • Let students know that your class is part of the online feedback system.
    • Indicate why evaluations are important to you, and how you will use student feedback.
    • Remind students to bring an internet-connected device (mobile, laptop, etc.) with them to class on the day you’ve indicated. (Students can also borrow loaner laptops —they can request those in advance via email to—or share devices as needed to complete the survey.)

On the day when you’d like to have students complete the survey:

  • Set aside 10-15 minutes at the beginning (recommended) of class for evaluations.
  • Optionally, invite students to review the course goals and outcomes on your syllabus.
  • Remind them why their constructive input is valuable to you.
  • Navigate to Project the URL on screen or write it on the board.
  • Have students select “Login to Course Evaluations” and use their UML email credentials to enter; a list of surveys currently available to them will appear on their home page.
  • Have them choose your course survey from their list; confirm that they are able to access the survey.
  • Step out of the room for about 10 minutes to allow students privacy to complete the survey.
  • Thank them for their feedback.!

That’s all! Results will be available to you roughly two weeks after the end of the term. Questions? Email