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Current Research Projects


  1. Machine Learning In-Process Defect Detection and Correction
    Project ID: B3-20
    PIs: Qian Yang (UCONN), Anson Ma (UCONN)
    Mentors: Raytheon Technology, Integrity, K&C, CCDC Armament Center, HP
  2. Effects of Polymer Crystallization on Powder-Bed based 3D Printing
    Project ID: B5-20
    PIs: Jerry Qi (Georgia Tech), Natalie Stingelin (Georgia Tech)
    Mentors: CCDC Armament Center, HP
  3. Printing of Fully Compounded Thermoset Elastomers
    Project ID: C1-20
    PIs: Joey Mead (UMass Lowell), David Kazmer (UMass Lowell)
    Mentors: Greene Tweed, CCDC Soldier Center, Akita, Hutchinson, CCDC Armament Center
  4. Fused Deposition Manufacturing of Multiple Materials (FD3M)
    Project ID: C2-20
    PIs: David Kazmer (UMass Lowell), Christopher Hansen (UMass Lowell)
    Mentors: Greene Tweed, CCDC Soldier Center, Hutchinson, Stratasys (not confirmed)
  5. 3D Printing of Sensor Arrays for Chemical and Biological Agents
    Project ID: C3-20
    PIs: Manos Tentzeris (Georgia Tech), Natalie Stingelin (Georgia Tech), Seung Yeong Kang (UCONN), Gulden Camci-Unal (UMass Lowell)
    Mentors: Greene Tweed, Integrity, CCDC Soldier Center, HP, Raytheon Technology
  6. Foam 3D Printing
    Project ID: D2-20
    PIs: Amir Ameli (UMass Lowell), Alireza Amirkhizi (UMass Lowell)
    Mentors: Integrity, CCDC Soldier center, K&C, Hutchinson, CCDC Armament Center, HP
  7. Methods to Evaluate Residual Stress in 3D Printed Parts
    Project ID: B1-19
    PIs: Jerry H. Qi (Georgia Tech), Nese Orbey (UMass Lowell)
    Mentor: HP
  8. Machine Learning Enabled In-Process Defect Detection
    Project ID: B2-19
    PIs: Qian Yang (UCONN), Anson Ma (UCONN)
    Mentors: Boeing, Desktop Metal, HP, Triton, UTRC
  9. Pilot-Scale Binder Jetting for Printing Food and Polymer Parts
    Project ID: C5-19
    PI: Anson Ma (UCONN)
    Mentors: CCDC Soldier Center, Integrity Integration
  10. Conducting Polymer Blends for 3D Printing
    Project ID: D2-19
    PIs: John Reynolds, Natalie Stingelin, Jerry Qi (Georgia Tech)
    Mentors: Boeing, HP, UTRC