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Current Research Projects

Current SHAP3d Research Projects

  1. Deep Generative Design of Cellular Metamaterials
    Project ID: A1-21
    PI: Hongyi Xu (UCONN)
    Mentors: HP, Raytheon Technology, Sandia
  2. Meso-architectures To Control Residual Stress In AM
    Project ID: A2-21
    PIs: Emily D. Sanders (Georgia Tech), Christopher Saldana (Georgia Tech)
    Mentors: AFRL, HP, Hutchinson, Integrity, Sandia
  3. Residual Stress Modeling in Semi - Crystalline Thermoplastic FFF
    Project ID: B1-21
    PIs: Marianna Maiaru (UMass Lowell), Christopher Hansen (UMass Lowell)
    Mentors: AFRL, Greene Tweed, Stratasys
  4. Printing of Fully Compounded Thermoset Elastomers
    Project ID: C1-21
    PIs: Joey Mead (UMass Lowell), David Kazmer (UMass Lowell), Anson Ma (UCONN)
    Mentors: CCDC Armament Center, CCDC Soldier Center, Greene Tweed, Hutchinson, Stratasys 
  5. 3D Printing of Graded Foams
    Project ID: C2-21
    PIs: Amir Ameli (UMass Lowell), Alireza Amirkhizi (UMass Lowell), David Kazmer (UMass Lowell), Christopher Hansen (UMass Lowell)
    Mentors: AFRL, CCDC Armament Center, CCDC Soldier Center, HP, Karagozian & Case, Raytheon Technology, Stratasys
  6. 3D Printing Of Optical Device 
    Project ID: C4-21
    PI: SeungYeon Kang (UCONN)
    Mentors: Akita, Integrity, NanOptics, Sandia
  7. 3D Printing Of Sensor Arrays For Chemical and Biological Agents - phase II
    Project ID: C5-21
    PIs: Manos Tentzeris (Georgia Tech), Natalie Stingelin (Georgia Tech), Gulden Camci-Unal (UMass Lowell), SeungYeon Kang (UCONN)
    Mentors: AFRL, CCDC Soldier Center, HP, Sandia
  8. 3D Printing Using Pellets  
    Project ID: C7-21
    PIs: Luyi Sun (UCONN), Montgomery Shaw (UCONN)
    Mentors: CCDC Armament Center, Greene Tweed, Stratasys
  9. Improved Interlayer Adhesion in 3D Printed Parts  
    Project ID: D1-21
    PIs: Carson Meredith (Georgia Tech), Nese Orbey (UMass Lowell), Jay Park (UMass Lowell)
    Mentors: Akita, CCDC Armament Center, CCDC Soldier Center, Greene Tweed, HP, Integrity
  10. Fused Deposition Manufacturing of Multiple Materials (FD3M)
    Project ID: C2-20
    PIs: David Kazmer (UMass Lowell), Christopher Hansen (UMass Lowell)
    Mentors: CCDC Soldier Center, Greene Tweed, Hutchinson, Stratasys