Center for Cellular Neurobiology and Neurodegeneration Research


Dr. Feng-Song WangPost Doctoral Associate, 1994.  Currently Associate Professor at Purdue University.
Dr. Cheolwha JungPh.D., 1997. Post Doc Associate in the laboratory of Dr. Xu at UMass Worcester 1997-2002; Research Assistant Professor in this Center 2003-present
Dr. Corrine CressmanPost-Doctoral Associate, 1994-1996.
Dr. Fatma EkinciPh.D., 1999
Dr. Jason YabePh.D., 1999 and Post Doc for a year. Computer wizard in LA.
Dr. Pei (Becky) HoPh.D., 2002. Staff Scientist at Harvard's Laboratory for Drug Discovery in Neurodegeneration.
Dr. Walter Kong-Ho Chan2007
Maria Dawn-LinsleyResearch Associate during her undergrad years. Also working away in biotech.
Dr. Sirikarnt DhitavatPh.D., 2003 with E. Rivera of this department
Dr. Flaubert TchantchouPh.D., 2005. Currently with Professor Yuan Lou at Johns Hopkins.
Dr. Amy Chan2006
Dr. Maya DubeyPh.D., 2007
Dr. James Suchy2009